Brandy in airplane photo

Throttle quadrant photo

"New" throttle quadrant arrived earlier this year.

Circuit breaker panel photo

Circuit breaker panels all open by simply unlocking three DZUS fasteners for very easy access.  What you do then is another matter.

727 jump seat photo

This 727 jump seat was thrown in with the cockpit deal, but was headed for the trash because it was in the way and was not very saleable -- it would cost more to ship it than what it's worth.  At the last minute I got the idea to put it on a little platform with casters, and it worked out perfectly for its new use...

Workbench photo

Computer bench photo

At first I was having trouble figuring out what to use for a stand for the computers and electronics.  Later realized that a second (cheap) Harbor Freight workbench would be hard to beat for this purpose.

Inside photo #1

Overall view

Power supply photo

Inside photo 2

Inside dark photo

Here we can see lightplates, dome lights, and many Korry switchlights all burning.