The new building was finally ready by about the 1st of August, 2013, and moving day was August 12.  If the trip to Arkansas to fetch the cockpit down here was high adventure, this wasn't too far behind.  A good friend from church and his son stepped up to help out -- or I should say, pretty much do it for me.    I was concerned about the Florida heat and humidity, but when you're completely engrossed in the job at hand, you just don't notice the heat so much.  It was an interesting afternoon, even though things pretty much went about as well as we could have hoped for.

They surely had the right tool for the job.  Before this plan came together , I had my own scheme worked out.  It involved a borrowed tractor, a plywood skid, and lots of hay for it to slide on.  Probably would have worked, but it made more sense to go for the sure thing...

My wife, Margie, was the photographer that day...

Step 1 photo
Next moving photoStill at it photo
Third moving photo

One shot I wish we had was when all three of us were flat on the ground figuring out where to support it after we got the platform out of the picture.  With a lot of control linkage and mechanism underneath, caution was needed to make sure we didn't bend anything I'll need later.   Everything still works fine; we found good solid structure where we needed it.

Tight fit photo

Yeah, I know it looks like it won't fit, but I couldn't afford to be wrong when I determined that a 10' x 8' door would be big enough.

In the shed photoAll the way in photoCrew leaving photo

Thanks, guys.  Fantastic job.