My wife and I had been planning from the beginning to arrange for an addition to the house to become the home of the project.  After months of talk, many different designs (at least I'm getting good with Sketchup now) and talk with contractors, it just wouldn't work out. The designs all somehow fell a little short, mainly having to do with the needed overhead clearance (and not wanting to change the roofline of the house.)  The proposed cost was astronomical.  Finally we decided that a stand-alone, pre-designed building might be simpler and cheaper.  We checked it out and were amazed how much less it would cost, how much easier the county business would be and how much sooner it could be done.  From that time, the pace of the project picked up dramatically.  Oh, this didn't all happen overnight -- or as soon as was promised -- but things moved along pretty well.   Concrete on May 29 and the building itself on July 2. Final County signoff was about a month after that.  Shed is 25' x 20' x 9' high at the eaves, 12' at the peak.

Concrete photo

Here comes the concrete...

Slab almost done photo
Getting to work photo

This is the morning they started the shed itself, around 9:30.

More progress photo

Late morning, and work goes on.

Still working photo Finished photo

This is what it looked like by 2:30 that afternoon.  The crew had already packed up and were gone.  Humbling to see something I had been trying to arrange for many months actually get built in something like seven hours.

Insulation photo

With the cockpit inside, the next thing was putting in insulation board.  Much more time-consuming than it would appear, and the job is ongoing as of October, 2013.