Lockheed JetStar cards

Everyone makes a big deal over memorabilia from Air Force One, but items from Air Force Two aren't that big a deal.  According to popular perception, the President goes off aboard Air Force One on important diplomatic trips...while the Vice President takes Air Force Two to whatever public works dedication or funeral is on the day's agenda.

While it's common to see decks of cards from Air Force One, here's a very nice dual deck from Air Force Two.  My best guess is that it dates from the late 1970s or early 1980s; it has the newer Vice Presidential Seal on both sides.  The role of Air Force Two in those days was most often performed by a VC-137B (a plushed-up 707-120B), usually 58-6970, now on display at Seattle's Museum of Flight.

Notice how the deck's jokers represent the Executive Branch's likely feelings toward the Legislative Branch!

                                                                                                    -- Thanks to Jodie Peeler for both the photo and the caption.