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Here's a pamphlet that was used to help promote Braniff's End of the Plain Plane campaign that marked the beginning of the "jellybean" era in 1965 - 66.  It's a six-panel layout that starts out at 9" x 3 3/4" and unfolds to about 23" wide.

The new motif was applied to every piece of equipment either flying or earthbound; not even the ladder pictured below and to the right was able to escape. 


The story of three new-hire pilots at Braniff in January, 1967  -

In our class Terry and I were at the bottom of the class seniority because of our ages.  Your seniority number within a new class is determined by your birth date.  Which airplane you train on is determined by class seniority. The top third of the class went to 707 training, the middle third went to 727 training and the bottom third to Electra training, all as Flight Engineers on the respective airplanes.

One day while we were still in Flight Engineer basic school someone came into the class to tell us that they needed 7 people to go to training on the DC-8 in Miami as we were just merging with Pan American Grace Airways (Panagra) at this time.  They had a small operation in Miami.  Panagra had 70 pilots working and about 90 total pilots, the rest being on furlow. They didn't know at the time how many of the furlowed pilots would return so they needed us on the DC8-30 training. Someone asked if they did not get the seven to volunteer, how would they pick them? They said that they would assign from the bottom of the class. So three of us at the bottom held up our hands and they picked three of us and we were sent to Miami for three weeks of school.

It turned out that most all of the furlowed guys returned, so at the completion of the school we were sent back to Dallas to take the final FAA Flight Engineer written exams. Terry and I and one other guy, Jack Kennedy, returned to Dallas and were told that we were not needed on the DC8 and that we would be starting Electra School next week.  So we went to Electra school with the Feb. 1967 class that was a month behind us. It took about four or five months before we were done training and got on the line as Second Officers on the Electra.

                                            -- John E.Reiss, long-time Braniff pilot
                                                 Electra, B707, B727, DC-8

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