NW Welcome Aboard - Cover

Welcome Aboard, or packets having similar titles were familiar seat back pocket items and often contained treasure.  I don't recall the contents of this one, but a similar item listed on ebay suggests that a large route map was part of it, and postcards were often included as well.  Thanks to Northwest for sending it to that teenage boy so many years ago.

Note that Northwest never referred to their 707-320s as 707s -- they were always "320Bs", presumably to differentiate their 707-320s from everybody else's.

It's neat that the DC-6s were still listed.  Those DC-6s (and 7s) would remain in the fleet for a few more years.

It's a little hard to date this.  It appears that NW at first intended for the reader to believe that the B707-320B had already joined the fleet, but stops short of saying so.  The casual reader would take the engine in the photo on page 2 to be a "320B", but a more careful look reveals a problem.  The photo is of #4 engine, so there should be a turbo compressor inlet in view.  This must be a 720B.  There's a notation at the bottom of the back cover that looks like a date -- 11/62.  Inside is mention that the "320B will soon take its place as the flagship of the Northwest fleet", but is accompanied by a photo of the real article, even though the first aircraft was not delivered until mid-1963.   Best guess is that 11/62 is the correct date, and the photo was a version doctored by Boeing for Northwest's promotional use.  

The mileage table inside the back cover, though hidden by the folded-over postcard, is shown in its entirety (but one-half size) at the very bottom.

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