TWA DynaFan engines - Cover

Here's a small pamphlet put out by Pratt & Whitney to their JT3D airline customers.   Their purpose was to help publicize the new turbofan engines that were being installed in large numbers on the DC-8-50 Series and various 707"B" models at the time.

The covers were individualized for each airline  -- TWA  in this case -- but inside the content was identical for all.

The front cover of this example captures not only the essence of the DynaFan trademark, but also the distinctive shape and lines of the B707/720-B forward engine nacelle.

DynaFan Engines Page 2+3DynaFan Engines Page 4+5DynaFan Engines Page 6+7DynaFan Engines Page 10+11DynaFan Engines Page 10+11DynaFan Engines Page back cover