Lockheed JetStar cards

Strictly speaking, this isn't an airliner subject, but perhaps no other corporate jet is as symbolic of the 1960s than the Lockheed JetStar.  It was the bizjet of the rich, the powerful, the glamorous.  Even a few airlines (including TWA and Eastern) had JetStars at some point.  And as the Air Force's VC-140, JetStars even used the call sign "Air Force One."

This dual deck of playing cards in a nice plastic case was a promotional item for the JetStar.  Both decks have the same picture of Lockheed's demonstrator JetStar, N711Z, on the back.  (Interestingly, N711Z is the same JetStar seen in the James Bond film "Goldfinger."  It's now a gate guard at Andrews Air Force Base, painted to look like a VC-140.)

                                                                                                    -- Thanks to Jodie Peeler for both the photo and the caption.