Shamrock Jet - Cover

Having had plenty of time to become well acquainted with the brochure while preparing it for this page, I'm convinced.  Even though the promo shots were most likely taken on the ground, I want to fly on an Aer Lingus Shamrock Jet!  Even in the rear cabin, this was real luxury.  For one thing, only 117 seats altogether.

At first glance, it appears that the schedules were flown with 707s (it's even called a Boeing 707-048 in the brochure), but the Shamrock Jets were in reality 720s.  I missed it myself, and thank Jon Proctor for pointing out my oversight.  Even with additional fuel capacity installed, the three 720s were not always capable of nonstop Shannon - New York, especially during the winter when the winds over the North Atlantic are strongest, requiring a stop at Gander or other suitable refueling point.

The brochure is printed on heavy, textured paper and was apparently created at considerable expense.  10 3/4" x 7 7/8".  The details of how it came to me are lost with time, but it's safe to say that Aer Lingus gave it to me either because I wrote to them as a boy or visited one of their city district sales offices with my young hand out.

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