WELCOME!  I'm glad you came to see about airlines and aircraft of the past.  This site is centered on the decade of the sixties, but don’t be surprised if you see deviation outside of that period.  It's really about the "happy days" of airline aviation, especially the time when airline service was provided by the old propliners together with the (then) new jets.

My focus is entirely on displaying content that I hope will revive memories of your distant past; I've paid little attention to how it's organized.  I latched on to the concept of an antique shop way back when the content of the site was planned as a book.  The thing that grabbed me about that analogy is that there aren't many antique shops that are well organized -- they tend to have things scattered helter-skelter, and that quality encourages exploration.  And so it is here.  This "shop" has a distinct advantage over the brick-and-mortar kind  -- you can leave your credit card at home.  Everything here is free, and you can download anything you'd like to keep for yourself.  The only restriction is that it be only for your personal use and never for any commercial purpose.

I’d prefer to bring the site live only after it is completed.  But that could take years, so here's what I have so far.  Another consideration is that I keep getting more ideas as to what the site could include, so it's doubtful that it'll ever really be finished.  As a friend observed, this project will likely be "a lifelong work in progress."  

My faith in God tells me to recognize that my collection is a gift from Him, as is everything else I call "mine."  I also felt His leading me to share the material with others by means of a website. He enabled me to create these pages by leading me to the right software, great training material and also to others who have been very willing to help fill in the many gaps in my understanding of HTML and CSS.  I therefore dedicate this project to God's majesty.

Special thanks go to Jodie Peeler for her ongoing support, advice, encouragement and wisdom. Without her help, this effort wouldn't have gotten past my original impractical plan to do it in book form.

In April of 2011, I had the pleasure of renewing my friendship with former Airliners magazine editor-in-chief Jon Proctor after having lost contact for many years.  Upon seeing the beginnings of the site, Jon jumped in with offers that will make him a needed contributor, advisor, and one who will help keep me straight with his vast knowledge of airline history.  Those who know Jon will agree that he's one of the really good guys.  I thank you and welcome your help, Jon. 

Please do come in, browse, and enjoy.   

Dave Jones, Proprietor
Fort McCoy, Florida