Most of these are scans of the better of my slides from the early-middle 1960s.  I was not careful about the conditions in which the collection was stored, and time nearly destroyed many of the images.  It is indeed a blessing that Photoshop, etc. became common around the same time that I rediscovered my slide collection.  Those with really sharp eyes might notice some areas that have been doctored.  All photographs by the site host unless noted otherwise.

Click the thumbnails to see the full picture.  If you want to see a high-resolution version, click  the medium-size image.  The medium and large versions are links to one another to make it easy to flip back and forth between them.  Underneath each one is a link that brings you back here.  As of February, 2012, many of the high-res versions have not been completed.

After the slides are scans of some old 3 1/2 x  3/1/2 prints.   They're not great, the negatives are long gone, but with some careful work with Paint Shop Pro they came back to life, although the resolution isn't nearly that of the slides.  Still usable though.


And here are the first few scans of the small prints:


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