The irony is striking in that one of the best windows to the past comes from technology entirely unknown at the time -- in this instance desktop PC flight simulator software.  Various features are planned, but for now this section is comprised of a collection of screenshots from (mostly) Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 with various add-ons that help to back-date the sim to the time of our interest.   Most of the add-ons are available for free download.  In the near future links will be given below that will take you to the source of the subjects in these scenes for those who are interested.

Click the thumbnails to see the full screenshot.  Underneath each one is a link that brings you back here.  In most cases the full screenshot is itself a link to a larger version that shows more detail. The large version is in turn a link to the smaller one.



The Ocala (Florida) Flight Simulator Club is a loosely-formed -- but enthusiastic -- band of aviation and flight sim enthusiasts.  We were priviledged and honored to share our hobby with the residents of the VFW Retirement Home near Fort McCoy, Florida on November 17, 2011.  This video by Carol Ayers captures the pride that we felt in being able to serve the home's residents in this way.  It was a very special occasion.  You can also read an account of the day written by John Allard, our writer premier, for the monthly newsletter of the club, the Gosport.

Note to site visitors outside of the U.S.A.:  My excitement for this event shows obvious patriotism and pride in my country, but this is in no way intended to denounce anyone else's national heritage.  It is my hope that you love your country as much as I love mine.


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