American One-eleven
 American BAC One-11 N5018.  AA never referred to their One-11s as such -- they were always "400 Astrojets," the "400" label coming from them being One-11s model 400, or actually 401s.  This particular example was in the American fleet for a little over five years.

I don't know that I took note of any flight information, and I don't have a timetable for this date.  But a look at the 1965 timetable a year prior shows that the DC-6 and Electra schedules through STL tended to terminate at DAL to the south and ORD to the north.  Other cities along the way included OKC and TUL.  BUF, CLE and DTW were also involved on some flights to the north.  Since the One-11s replaced these earlier propliners, you can get a feel for AA's STL services at this time.

At the time I shot this one I was on a layover at STL on my way to Kansas City for my freshman year of college.  Like many other shots like this, I don't rightly remember if I asked to go outside to get the shot or not.  Whether I had permission or was "self admitted" to the ramp, it was no big deal -- there just wasn't anything about a boy with a camera that would attract the attention of airline staff or other authorities in that day and time.

St. Louis, August, 1966