BN Electra
Of my old slides, this is one of my favorites.  It's not so much the shot itself as it is the subject.  I've always been fond of the L-188 Electra and I also liked this color scheme.  The Electra's Allison 501D engines (3,750 ESHP each!) made it a powerful performer, and by most pilot accounts it enjoyed very pleasing flying qualities as well.  Climb performance was most impressive, partly a consequence of about 2/3 of the wing being directly in the prop wash of the huge 14-foot propellers, which are clearly seen here.

Braniff's north-south service through Kansas City Municipal was frequent in these days, although a lot of the trips were flown fly One-11s with a few 727 and 707 schedules mixed in.  The Electra operations to the north were mainly to/from O'Hare, although there were a couple to MSP with stops at Sioux Falls, Sioux City and Omaha.  Dallas was the principal terminus to the south, but Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Wichita were served along the way.  A close look at the background shows that there were also some Convair schedules still in effect.

What a tragedy it was that two well-publicized losses and poor timing -- the jets were just starting to come on the scene -- combined to bring the Electra program to a premature end before it ever had a chance to reach its potential.  After the modification program after the early accidents, they went on to provide trustworthy service for many years.  It's noteworthy that Reeve Aluetian Airways didn't phase out their Electras until well into 2000.

Kansas City (MKC), October, 1966