Delta DC-9-14
Here's another scene that highlights the difference between the way things were and the way things are.  In this case I was given the run of DC-9-14 N3305L for no reason other than that I asked.   Today such a request would likely be met with hostility and the threat of gunfire.

See a blue object on the ground to the left of the boarding stairs?  That's my old Pan Am flight bag.  I had completely forgotten about it ages ago, but even at this distance the shot is enough to bring it back into focus.   I could have called it my "airport bag"; I carried it to the airport every time.  What I don't remember is what was in that old bag or why I needed it -- all I had was a little 35mm rangefinder camera and at times a spare roll of film.  Perhaps it was full of timetables and other goodies collected from obliging airline staff at the ticket counters?  Probably!

The photo shows the aircraft, only a few months old, during a time of relative quiet.   Its next flight, coming up in an hour or so, was to Atlanta via Baltimore, having just replaced the CV-880 schedule that had served the route in the previous years.

Philadelphia, March, 1966