Eastern 727-25 night

727-25 N8118N joined Eastern’s fleet in September of 1964.  Although Eastern 727s would later become ubiquitous at many US airports and maybe even a little boring to some, this is 1965 and a photo opportunity like this couldn’t be missed.   At the time, it’s probable that even some of the passengers would take note that this was a 727, very different from the conventional jets.  This one had a whole different layout of the engines and tail, was sleeker, looked faster, and promised the most up-to-date transportation available.   Of course it was much quieter as well.  Advertising by the 727's operators in that day assured all this -- and much more.

Sometimes what’s in the background of a photo is just as interesting as the subject.  If you look too quickly you could miss the two 880s back there.  Today those Convair jets might seem more noteworthy than the 727 in the foreground – exactly opposite of what would have drawn our attention on at the time.

Philadelphia, November, 1965