Eastern Convair 440
This Convair 440 dates back to 1957, and continued to serve Eastern's north-south local service routes until 1969 or 1970.  This example, N9302, shot at Wilmington, Del., was doing flight 705 on this hot summer day, Providence to Washington National with stops at New Haven, JFK, and Wilmington, with onward connecting southbound service from DCA.  Wilmington service was once daily.  It's curious that the northbound counterpart of 705 flew a similar pattern, but stopped at Newark instead of JFK.  The Wilmington operations were taken over by DC-9s by the late '60s.

Eastern exploited their Convairs to their fullest for short-haul local services, with many flights showing as many as six enroute stops, some of which were as short as 12 minutes.

Wilmington, Delaware, July, 1965