Eastern Electra N5539
Once in awhile I come upon a slide that I previously thought was in such poor condition that there was no way to save it -- only to later prove myself wrong.  This size 127 Ektachrome shot is a good example.  Taken with an old Brownie Reflex camera, it's not razor sharp, but with some Paint Shop Pro work the image turns out to be pleasing to the eye of an old plane watcher.

One thing I like to do when putting these photo pages together is to say something about where the subject may have come from or where it was going.  No chance in this case -- Eastern's Electra services through PHL were frequent.  Almost any city along the Eastern seaboard is possible, with BOS, PVD, EWR, ATL, RIC, DCA, BWI, JIF, ORF, CHS -- or any combination of them -- being a few examples that come to mind.

Philadelphia, 1963