Lufthansa B-720B
It may seem odd that Lufthansa was using the B720 B, the "short range" version of the 707 on trans-Atlantic routes, but they did.  So did Aer Lingus.  The operation worked well, especially with the "B" models with their upgraded JT3-D turbofan engines.  Aer Lingus made it work even with the straight turbojet JT3s on their Dublin – New York route.  This particular trip left Philadelphia in the late afternoon and made a stop at Boston before continuing its journey to Frankfurt.  Using the somewhat-smaller and lighter 720 provided these carriers with a cost-sensible means of flying services that were a little too thin to warrant using full-size 707s.  In this shot D-ABON in being readied for the short leg to BOS.

D-ABON was sold in December, 1965 to Pan Am who used it for some seven years before selling it to Avianca.  As of 1982 it was being used as a restaurant in Bogota.

Philadelphia, July, 1965