TWA B707-131
It's always a treat to see 707s with original JT3C engines.  TWAs were around longer than most with company management at the time having decided not to invest in JT3D turbofans for existing aircraft.  This sight brings back memories of living in North Kansas City for a summer around 1969.  That apartment was a mile north of MKC and about 2000 feet east of the runway 36 centerline.  The north departures of TWA's 707s and 880s were memorable sights cemented in the mind forever by their thundering roar.  It's almost certain that N738TW was the star of one of those shows all those years ago.  Of course no one would ever have thought of complaining in those days, not that I would have even if there were an ear to hear it.  

Delivered new in May of 1959, it is seen here toward the end of its days with TWA in October, 1971.

San Francisco, 1971                                                                                                                                -  photo by Dean Slaybaugh