TWA Early Connie Postcard
Lovely company-issue card of an early Connie on linen-textured stock.  There were at least three versions of this card issued over a period of several years during which time the postage required for a postcard in the U.S. quadrupled from 1 to 4. This is apparently the first release, dating to the late forties, and is one of the few postcards here for which there is no view of the back.   But I can tell you that it talks about reliability, gives some basic performance figures and mentions that it serves on routes worldwide, both in English and French.

Thanks to my friend Skip Tucker of Ocala, Florida for this one. Oh, the reason the back can't be shown here:  it is glued into a scrapbook that Skip and his mother worked on together when he was a small boy!

I was slightly annoyed that I couldn't even say whether this is an 049 or 749 Connie, or much else about the card, so I asked our good friend Jon Proctor if he had anything to add to the above (silly question.)  Says Jon: "That Connie post card you asked about is a classic ... and it's an early 049. The giveaway is that "eye-brow" window above the cockpit, which was done away with later in the production run, before 749s began coming off the assembly line. Outwardly, the 049 and 749 were all but identical except for that; same passenger window configurations, etc. You can tell a 749A by its absence of an astrodome on the fuselage crown; they were replaced by periscopes beginning with that model, and later removed from the earlier models, although the base remained. That was all the result of an astrodome failure on an 049 that sucked a poor navigator out of the airplane when it broke."