LGA general view
Many airports have been back-dated for MS flight sim.  As a shining example we see here the old New York La Guardia terminal and traffic that would have been typical for sometime around 1960.  Good to see a few people out enjoying the open observation deck; such outstanding viewing areas were common at the time.  Although not visible here, the hangars, Marine Terminal and other features also modeled.

The schedules these aircraft fly are not totally accurate per any particular timetables, but are described as "realistic."  They fly routes that were representative of the time period and thus the aircraft rarely look out of place.  Actual schedules and detailed repaint packages have been developed for Braniff, Eastern, United and National for periods during the mid-sixties.  TWA is in the works.

Many thanks to Tom Gibson and CalClassic.com for this comprehensive, worldwide traffic package.  La Guardia model by Tom Gibson and Jaap de Baare.